The Ulster Academy of Speech and Drama Fellowship Diploma

The Fellowship Diploma allows candidates to become decision makers and syllabi collaborators with the board of the Ulster Academy.

Successful candidates will be promoted as senior examiners with the Ulster Academy and will be qualified to examine candidates in all aspects of the Ulster Academy syllabi, up to and including the Licentiate Diploma.

Successful candidates may be invited to the Ulster Academy board of directors.

Entry Requirements

  • Each candidate must hold the Ulster Academy of Speech and Drama Licentiate or the equivalent with a recognised body.
  • Each candidate must hold a level-8 degree, or higher, with a recognised university.
  • Each candidate must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience teaching speech and drama.
  • Each candidate must be interviewed by a member of the Ulster Academy board.
  • All candidates must have full PSNI/Garda Vetting on entry to the programme.

Documentary evidence of the above must be submitted with the candidate’s application.

The Ulster Academy reserves the right to refuse any applicant with the above entry requirements admission to the Fellowship Diploma programme, if deemed to be unsuitable.

Part A

Part A – Dissertation [80 marks]

The candidate must write a dissertation, with a minimum of 10,000 words and not to exceed 10,500 words on any aspect of the Speech and Drama genre. The subject and working title must be submitted and accepted by the board of the Ulster Academy before work begins.

The dissertation must be submitted at least four weeks before the date of the Viva Voce.


Part B

Part B – Viva Voce [20 marks]

The candidate will hold a detailed discussion with the board of directors of the Ulster Academy of Speech and Drama with particular reference to his/her contribution to the genre of Speech and Drama in his/her teaching practice. He/she will also be expected to answer questions relating to any aspect of the dissertation submitted.

For more information please use the form below.

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